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Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

All staff at the Center for Schools and Communities and Center for Safe Schools may be reached by calling (717) 763-1661 and then by selecting the extension number for the person you wish to speak with. You may also send a fax to (717) 763-2083. Telephone extension numbers, email addresses and areas of expertise are listed below.



Shileste Overton Morris ext. 111

CSC Administrative & Support Manager

Angela Jefferies ext. 157

CSC Contract, Grant & Operations Manager

Vicki Murray ext. 113

CSC Project & Resource Development Assistant

Debby Barry ext. 114

Special Projects Coordinator

Sally Canazaro ext. 168
Strategic Partnerships Managing Coordinator
Amy Moritz ext. 191

CSC Conference & Professional Development Specialist

Leighann Garland ext. 138

Grants, Development & Special Projects Manager

Thomas Robel ext. 120

ESL Technical Assistance Coordinator


Direct Certification Technical Assistance Coordinators

Nichole Campbell ext. 215
Beth Mullen ext. 127

Special Projects Coordinator

Missy Wellington ext. 121


Center for Safe Schools

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Emergency Management
  • Internet Safety
  • Mission Homefront

Safe & Supportive Schools Program Manager

Michelle Nutter ext. 212

Administrative Project Specialist

Regina Salvador ext. 164

Emergency Planning & Response Management Coordinators

Michael Bookser ext. 134

Project Development Specialist

Ashley Graves ext. 131

Safe Schools Program Coordinator

Leah Galkowski ext. 152

Special Projects Managing Coordinator

Stephanie Colvin-Roy ext. 209




Aylissa Kiely ext. 117


Matt Creason ext. 213

Digital Learning

Michael Pesare ext. 201


Stephanie Thorn ext. 196



Migrant Education

Statewide Migrant Education Recruitment Coordinator

Jose Reyes-Lua ext. 129

Statewide Migrant Education Parent Involvement Coordinator

Inés Vega ext. 160

Program Technical Support Assistant

Carmen Gonzalez ext. 158


Parent as Teachers / Strengthening Families / Children's Trust Fund

Family-School-Community Partnerships Project Manager

Karen Shanoski ext. 139

Family Support Technical Assistance Coordinators

Rijelle Kraft ext. 221
Tiedra Marshall ext. 103

Family Support Specialist

Wenda Deardorff ext. 116


Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN)

Project Director

Laura Saccente ext. 210

PSAYDN Coordinator

Caroline Allen ext. 205

Special Projects Coordinator

Winnie Black ext. 151


Research & Evaluation

For more information on the Center for Schools and Communities Research and Evaluation Group, click here.

Director of Evaluation

Benjamin Cohen, Ph.D. ext. 159


Safe Kids Pennsylvania

Program Manager

Michelle Nutter ext. 212

Project Development Specialist

Ashley Graves ext. 131



Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Helpline


Tonya Hottenstein  

SWAN Technical Specialists

Jennifer Bornman  
Melissa Buhay  
Lynette Lemke  
Jan Scherer  



Statewide Network & Information Technology Project Manager

Rob Carmo ext. 124

Computer Technology & Network Coordinator

Rich Staub ext. 123

Web Architect and Application Development Coordinator III

Matt Seiberlich-Hess ext. 109

Youth Development

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • ELECT and ELECT Fatherhood
  • Foster Care
  • Homeless Children
  • Pennsylvania's Learn and Serve America

Youth Development Program Manager

Karen Lehman ext. 166

Youth Development Coordinators

Contrell Armor ext. 218
Lynda Becker ext. 156
Parke Brown ext. 187
Matt Butensky ext. 171
Nichole Fisher ext. 107
Cara Gray ext. 194

Special Projects Coordinator

Winnie Black ext. 151

Administrative Assitant

Jeanette Consagra ext. 110