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Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

About the R&E Group

The Research and Evaluation (R&E) Group at the Center for Schools and Communities offers a full complement of research and evaluation services to school districts, state agencies, non-profits and foundations. The R&E Group has nearly two decades of experience developing data collection systems, preparing grant applications, conducting simple and complex quantitative analyses, authoring general and technical reports, and assisting with program design. It manages projects in their entirety from conception to their execution, including data collection, analysis, interpretation and application. The R&E Group also provides consultations to existing projects to improve their operation. In short, the Center’s R&E Group brings extensive experience and training (including doctoral level staff) to every phase of our research and evaluation work.


Our Products & Services

Very often, organizations struggle with evaluation and research. Just as the demand for data-based decision making and evaluation is increasing, organizations need efficient ways to develop useful information to demonstrate their efforts, effectiveness and quality. To assist organizations in these efforts, the R&E Group offers several products and services:

  • Data Analyses (quantitative and qualitative)
    • Descriptive, multivariate and inferential analyses
    • Interviews and focus groups
    • Professional statistical and research reporting
  • Logic Modeling and Program Design
    • Mapping goals to activities and outcomes
    • Developing program logic with theory
  • Survey Design and Implementation
    • Online and paper surveys
  • Database Conceptualization
  • Writing and Editing
    • Technical and general audience reports
    • Statistical graphs and analytic illustrations
  • Grant Writing Support
    • Evaluation designs
    • Needs and best practices research

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