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Sunday, January 21st, 2018


This training is intended to bring about awareness of noncognitive factors that affect success and to provide very practical techniques that can easily be incorporated into any educational setting in order to help bolster academic tenacity and perseverance for long term goals.



Upon completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Understand how a student’s mindset affects academic achievement
  • Learn research based strategies for nurturing a growth mindset
  • Learn the importance of grit, self-control and deliberate practice for academic success
  • Become aware of goal-setting and planning techniques that are more likely to cultivate self-control and produce goal attainment
  • Understand the concepts of pessimism and optimism and how they affect resiliency
  • Learn basic cognitive techniques that can challenge negative thoughts and produce optimism over time


Course Length

6.0 hours, half day, shorter workshop or series of workshops


Target Audience

This training is designed for educators and helping professionals but can be modified for parents and caregivers.





Required Materials




Pod seating must be available along with room for activities, podium, microphone for large groups, LCD screen, speakers, wireless Internet access and electrical outlets for the effective delivery of this training.



Registration for this training is the responsibility of the host organization.


Continuing Education Credit

Up to 6.0 hours of Act 48 and NASW


Fee & Scheduling

For scheduling and pricing, contact Vicki Murray at or (717) 763-1661.